Sequence 5

Boat: Olga reacts /

194 – Detail of Raul’s neck and ear /
195 – CU from top of Taciana who speaks /
196 – Oscillating horizon line /
197 – AS of Taciana who looks at the sea /
198 – AS of Olga still in half profile /
199 – Detail of leg and arm of Raul /
200 – MS of Olga who tries to row /
201 – AS from bottom of Olga /
202 – AS of Raul and Taciana who look at each other /
203 – MS of Olga who puts the paddle on the boat and inclines herself towards the water /
204 – Hands of Olga in the water seen from the sea level /
205 – AS of Olga who on her back and from top rows inclined on the prow with her hands, taking them afterwards to her forehead /
206 – AS of Raul in profile with the wands /
207 – Detail of Raul’s hands

The fusion introduces the detail [194] of Raul’s ear and neck which had closed the sequence 3 (see [81]). This way the understanding of the narration listened by Raul and made by Taciana is even clearer, the latter stops speaking and gives signs of despair [195]. Olga is facing forward and in half profile [198], Raul is still [199] with only one leg visible. The three cuts reassume the despair of the three of them and Raul, who has not told his story yet, covers his face. At this point, Olga tries to row [200] and does it more slowly than Raul in sequence 1, giving an ulterior proof of temper. The other two look at her passively and the music changes. Olga leans over the prow trying to row with her hands [204], then, in a surrender sign, passes her hands through her hair [205] as in sequence 1 (see [25]). CU of Raul in profile [206] with clothes and hair to the wind holding two wands and the detail of them [207] introduces his story. Fusion.

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