Sequence 13

Boat: surviving Olga

508 – Horizon in the sea that oscillates
509 – Calm sea
510 – Sea with a figure in the far distance
511 – Olga leaned on a board. Travelling backwards.
512 – Detail of Olga’s hair.

With a fusion, the oscillating horizon [508] previous to the storm returns (see [421]), which fuses with the calm sea shot [509] and with the following one showing a figure at distance [510] and with the LS of Olga gripped to a board [511], which resembles the jail where Olga is in the beginning of the film (see [39]). The board of the boat’s edge becomes then the only possible horizon: extreme limit. To the travelling backwards there follows a close-up: a BCU [512] with Olga’s hair that covers her eyes and resemble an algi, almost alluding to the woman’s vegetative state. The use of the detail with its emotional accumulation the storm in The man of Aran also follows. The closing of the sequence with this type of detail resembles the seq. 9 with Raul’s hair (see [315]). Fusion.

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