Some sessions of Limite.

May 17, 1931

1st public exhibition sponsored by the Chaplin Club.
Capitólio Movie Theatre, Cinelândia downtown district, Rio, 10:30.

January 19,

2nd public exhibition sponsored by Revista Bazar.
Eldorado Movie Theatre, Rio.

June 28, 1942

Exhibition promoted by Vinícius de Moraes. Attended by Orson Welles and the French actress Renée Falconetti.
Room of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall Promotion Service, Rua Evaristo da Veiga.


Periodical showings in the Philosophy National University School, in Rio, promoted by Plínio Süssekind Rocha.

June 26, 1978

1st public exhibition of the restored film.
Funarte Auditorium, Rio.

April 21 and
25, 1979

MOMA/New directors, new films.
New York, USA.

February 14
to 24, 1981

Internationale Filmfestspiele, Berlin.

March 28, 1981

Venice Biennial Festival.

November, 4

Exhibition sponsored by Embrafilme celebrating the Day of the Movie.

April 4 and
5, 1987

Rétrospective du cinéma brésilien, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

December 11,

Mário Peixoto Foundation.
Mangaratiba, Rio.

December 19
to 23, 1988

Cineclube Estação Botafogo, Rio.

September 15
to 22, 1989

Latin American Visions International House of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, USA.


XXXVI Semana de Cine, Valladolid, Spain.

May 17, 1991

Sixtieth anniversary of the first exhibition in Capitólio Movie Theatre.
Cinemateca Brasileira, SP.

July 2 to
9, 1991

XXIV Brazilian Movie Festival of Brasília National Theatre of Brasília, followed by the live presentation of the Symphonic Orchestra of the National Theatre.

November 6,

XXXV London Film Festival.

April 3, 1992

Municipal Theatre, followed by the live presentation of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipal Theatre, Rio.

June 16, 1992

Cinema Marginal Cycle. Paris.

November 15,

Exhibition on the film, Department of Cultural Diffusion of the Arts Center of the Federal Fluminense University.

July 3 to
September 1,

Exhibition on Mário Peixoto and Limite – Casa de Rui Barbosa, Foundation of the Ministry of Culture.

October 17,

Photographic exhibition and projection.
Image and Sound Museum, SP.

November 22,

100 years of the Brazilian Movie showing sponsored by Petrobrás (Brazilian Petroleum Company).
Modern Art Museum do Rio de Janeiro.

February 2,

1st exhibition of remastered copy Cable TV Bravo Channel.

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