Sequence 0


Fade in (clearing)

10 – Rock from which vultures fly
11 – Protoimage: CU Olga’s face staring forwards and both hands handcuffed of a man who embraces her from behind
12 – Detail of the hands
13 – Detail: eyes of Olga staring forward
14 – Sparkling sea
15 – Detail: Olga’s eyes staring forward

It is defined by Saulo Pereira de Mello as a key sequence or extra-diegetic prologue. The rock from where the vultures fly [10] is an image evoking a sense of freedom which is drastically denied by the following shot [11], a protoimage. The protoimage would not be, according to Pereira de Mello, of symbolic nature considering the symbol as an artistic representation of ineffable quality, although allegoric, in Goethe’s sense of intellectual representation of understandable quality. It condenses the theme of Limite, that is, the perplexity, the despair, the anguish, the discovery of the essential limitation of the human condition, the impotence before the infinity, the tragedy, and its consequences in the form of frustrations, despair, defeat, escape and death. Detail [13] of the eyes of the woman and the sparkling [14] sea. The sparkle seems almost to replace the signs of the epidermal tissue of the feminine face as seen closely. The detail of the eyes returns [15]. A dialogue thus takes place between the “I”, the inside (the woman’s eyes) and the world, the outside (sea). These shots are all born by fusion, evoking the very fluidity of the sea waves, the same way as the mobility of the camera resembles the mobility of the water. Fusion.

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