513 – Protoimage
514 – Olga leaned on a board. Travelling backwards.
515 – Glittering sea
516 – Sea
517 – Shadowy sea
518 – Rock with birds

With a fusion there come back some extra-diegetic prologue sequence shots that now on the contrary are diegetic as far as they are inserted in the narrative plot. The protoimage ([513] see [11]) is in fact similar to the shot of Olga gripped to the board [514] see [511], favoring the inevitable association of limit-handcuffs/limit-boat. The glittering sea [515] is another image of the prologue sequence (see [14]) and blends with the shadowy sea as in the sequence of Olga’s thoughts (see [134], [135]). The shot of the film’s opening returns ([518] see [10]), with the rock from which the flight of a greater number of birds starts, leaving the landscape empty. From the simple it goes to the multiple, almost as if there was the intention to allude to a universal validity. The structure circularity completes itself with the fusion in black (fade-out).

End of description

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